Nathan Polly is a 68 year-old musician from Bottom Fork Road in Letcher County, Kentucky where he was raised and currently resides. Nate Polly worked for the railroad for thirty-seven years and all that hard work is reflected in his music. He sings about simpler times; cooking breakfast with his grandparents, working on the railroad, the back-breaking work of the mines, and gigging around with a string band.

Nate Polly was the “next to last” of seven children, and his mother was his largest musical influence because of her life-long passion for singing. Nate played with a bluegrass band called Kentucky Mountain Grass, and he remained with that band for twenty years. Nate played with the Trough Sloppers, an old-time string band, which featured Roy Tackett, Jesse Wells, Jamie Wells, Nate Polly, and Dave Dougherty. He later helped for another string band, with WMMT’s own Rich Kirby, called Rich and the Po’ Folk which featured the talents of Rich Kirby, Nate Polly, Brett Ratliff, and John Haywood. After all these years of playing music and hard work, Nate Polly has quite a story and his forthcoming June Appal solo album will give him the chance to tell it.