Erupting from an already volcanic Louisville, Kentucky music scene comes hometown powerhouse Nellie Pearl. With an ingenious collaboration of musicians from other established local bands, the stunningly creative Americana-Roots-Rock sound and massively dynamic performances have solidified them as one of the breakout bands of 2015. Songs from their debut EP “So It Goes…” hit Louisville’s public radio station WFPK quickly earning a spot in regular rotation, with many other AAA radio stations around the country quickly following suit. The rapid growth of fan base led to the successful crowd-funding campaign of over $10,000 in album pre-sales to produce Nellie Pearl’s highly anticipated LP, “Lonesome No More!”. Already pegged by Peter Berkowitz of Leo Weekly as “a supergroup of musicians… in what could only be described as a sensuous orgy of musical expression”, Nellie Pearl are poised to continue their meteoric rise with this magnetic and wildly diverse record.