The Right Fork Ramblers Band are relatively new as a band but like they say “its been a long time coming”.  Jeff Kennedy from Clintwood, Virginia, previously with The Kody Norris Show, Midnight Ramblers, Dale Kennedy Orchestra and Nathan Stanley (on the Grand Ole Opry), plays guitar for the group and does the lead vocal work.  John Moore, the enigma of the group, comes from being a solo youtube artist and plays banjo (or “manjo" as he calls it) and sings tenor for the group.  Marcus Riley from Pound Virginia, having previously played with the Kody Norris Show, Bluegrass Messengers, Cross Country Bluegrass as well as the Dale Kennedy Orchestra, plays the mandolin for the Ramblers. Anthony Oquinne, previously with South Mountain Boys and also with Cross County bluegrass, is a solid foundation for this up and coming group on the doghouse bass and baritone vocals.