• Appalshop Theater (map)
  • 91 Madison Avenue
  • Whitesburg, KY 41858

Please join us for a special presentation from the Appalshop Archive

Archive will be screening 2-3 films to commemorate the Seedtime theme "Tools of Culture", including:


1975, 22 minutes
Directed by Rick DiClemente

Preserved by Appalshop Archive from 16mm film
Chairmaker follows 80-year-old Dewey Thompson from Sugarloaf Hollow, Kentucky, as a rough-hewn rocking chair takes form under his experienced hands and well-worn knife. 


Minnie Black's Gourd Band

1988, 28 minutes
Directed by Anne Lewis

Kentucky-native Minnie Black (1899-1996) made music and art out of the gourds she grew in her backyard garden in East Bernstadt. In Minnie Black’s Gourd Band she reveals her secrets for growing good gourds and gives a tour of her Gourd Museum, highlighting her favorite creations such as a double-headed donkey and the mythical “griffen” beast. Appalshop accompanies Minnie to “the World’s Largest Gourd Convention” in Mt. Gilead, Ohio where fellow artists hail her as “the queen of the gourd people.” The film is highlighted by lively and unique versions of hymns and old favorites played by Minnie and her Senior Citizen Gourd Band.