Vendors & Demos

Every year Seedtime on the Cumberland is a space for regional artists, crafters, makers, and vendors to showcase their talents and wares. From books to blacksmithing, this year will feature more than 20 of the regions finest and include a full day of live demonstrations on Saturday. Below is just an intro to some of the talent Seedtime will gather together this year. 


Appalachian Artisan Center

AAC will present a collection of fine art and craft produced in Eastern Kentucky. Learn more about programs and workshops at AAC by visiting our booth and engaging with demonstrating artists. 

The Appalachian Luthiery Studio of the Appalachian Artisan Center has instruments on display in the Appalshop Gallery "Tools of Culture" show. 

defend appalachia merchandise.jpg

Defend Appalachia

Deane W. Quillen is a public health researcher by day and an ambitious doodler and occasional printmaker by later that same day. A Letcher County native now living in Pittsburgh, Deane's work through the Defend Appalachia moniker is inspired by his fascination with regional and place-based identity, his belief that demonstrating pride in place is one of the greatest services we can do our region's next generation, and his desire to create products so that others, whether homesick or right at home, may wear their love for Appalachia's past, present, and future on their metaphorical (and literal) sleeves. 

EpiCentre Arts

EpiCentre Arts is a visual arts organization made up of artists, art instructors, students, and patrons of the arts within an approximate 100 mile radius of Whitesburg, Kentucky. Our function is multi-faceted- part artists’ support group, part cooperative, part community arts organization. As a support group we offer the opportunity for artists to gather for fellowship, support and encouragement. As a cooperative we share ideas and opportunities to generate income, share resources for learning and teaching, and help each other in practical ways such as ordering supplies in bulk, finding exhibition venues, and sharing in the work and expense of exhibiting our art. Our role as a community arts organization involves, among other things, arts advocacy, initiating art projects, and encouraging community participation in arts events such as exhibits, classes and workshops. We are a non-profit organization.

Glori Bee Jewelry

Gloria learned jewelry making with gemstones and sterling silver a number of years ago. After moving to Kentucky in 2005 she mostly put aside making jewelry. Gloria became paralyzed from mid-chest down in a spiral cord injury from a fall in July 2003. Afterwards, she found that making use of her jewelry designing skills was one of the things she could do in a wheelchair. Then in July 2016 she learned how to embed read dried flowers and other botanicals in resin and make them the focal points of a different style of jewelry. her husband, Duane, helps her collect the flowers. She then dries them in their natural shape (not pressed) in a desiccant which also preserves their color. She arranges the dried flowers in layers of resin, letting them dry overnight between layers. The care she puts into the process is evident in her creations. 

Jessica Bier

I turn Appalachian hardwood species: red maple, sugar maple, silver maple, cherry, ash, walnut, and several species of oak. I salvage logs from roadsides, yards, farms, project sites, and sometimes grab a piece of wood that's on its way to my wood stove.

I live in the coalfields of southwest VA about five miles from the small town of Pound. I moved here 14 years ago for a job and bought a long-abandoned farm property. I know and love this place now and this is where I plan to stay. My business is named in honor and memory of Stillhouse Branch -- the creek behind my house and workshop -- most of which was buried under a coal mining hollow fill.


Items for sale:Bowls, vases, & candle holders turned from hardwoods

Jim Cornett

Jim Cornett is a former resident of Whitesburg & Blackey. Jim holds a Master’s degree and is still teaching at age 79. He has written 26 books and writes for “The Mountain Eagle” paper. As well as being a writer he is a chaplain at VFW Post 269 - Somerset, KY. A Vietnam Veteran who retired from the USAF in 1976. Married to Janice Caudill with three sons.

Items for sale:Driftwood lamps, books he has written, walking sticks, knife sharpeners, tabacco stick crafts


Jose & Mary Montero

Since my youth I have admired trees and loved wood. I love working with wood and sharing my knowledge of wood with others. Out of desire and economic necessity.  Have made most of the furniture for my home. About seventeen years ago, my mother in-law asked me if I could make her some spoons from my scraps.

I have expanded to bowls and other utilitarian accessories, my wife and partner, assist me with the design ideas, marketing, and sales, and the occasional back rub after a long day of carving and shaping.

We sell our product at craft fairs in Virginia, West Virginia, and at Farmers Markets. Our spoons are in the gift shops at Belgrove Plantations, and the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley in Winchester, VA.  We won first prize at Bluemont Fair in 2013 for best in show. This award is given for product quality, display and rapport with the public, as we were informed.

Items for sale: Hand crafted wooden bowls, spoons and other utilitarian products


Rustic Roots

We’re proud of our ROOTS and everything that ‘s made us!

From our grannies who had gravy n’ biscuits ready in the mornin’ and supper ready in the evenin’! To our papaws who worked all day in the coal mines to make a livin’ and provide for their families! We are proud of our ancestors, heritage, our state, and Appalachia! You won’t find a kinder person or anyone more willing to help you out than you will in these mountains!

Come visit us, talk with us, and check out our unique shop that features handmade items from local artisans, items made throughout our area, and wares that are all about Kentucky and Appalachia!

Stef Ratliff

Ratliff is a full time artist, raised in Pike County, KY & currently living & working in Appalachia. Accomplished in painting, printmaking, pottery & hunting. Her artwork is currently on display at The Country Music Hall of Fame, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch & was recently publicized in Nashville Scene & Ceramics Monthly.

Items for sale: Pottery, paintings, patches, buttons & prints

Terry Ratliff

‘The Ol Time Chair maker'

Ratliff is a self-employed artist living & working in Eastern Kentucky. A teacher of old time wood art-craft he is continuing his career as old time chair maker. Countless students have learned from Terry over the years at HCTC where he has taught within the Kentucky School of Craft Fine Arts Program. He will demonstrating skills needed to turn raw log into a chair at this years Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival. He'll be stripping hickory bark for a woven seat during Seedtime.