Vendors & Demos

Every year Seedtime on the Cumberland is a space for regional artists, crafters, makers, and vendors to showcase their talents and wares. From books to blacksmithing, this year will feature more than 20 of the regions finest and include a full day of live demonstrations on Saturday. Below is just an intro to some of the talent Seedtime will gather together this year. 


Jim Cornett

Jim Cornett was born near Whitesburg in 1937. He grew up there and in Blackey, KY.

He has a Master’s Degree from the University of Maryland.

He is retired from the U.S. Air Force, and is a Vietnam Veteran. He is presently the Chaplain of the VFW in Somerset, KY.

He now lives in Burnside, KY. He is the Church Clerk of the Jordan Baptist Church, and teaches in the Jordan Christian Academy in Burnside.

He has written 29 books, and will have some for sale at Seedtime.

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EpiCentre Arts

EpiCentre Arts is a visual arts organization made up of artists, art instructors, students, and patrons of the arts within an approximate 100 mile radius of Whitesburg, Kentucky. Our function is multi-faceted- part artists’ support group, part cooperative, part community arts organization. As a support group we offer the opportunity for artists to gather for fellowship, support and encouragement. As a cooperative we share ideas and opportunities to generate income, share resources for learning and teaching, and help each other in practical ways such as ordering supplies in bulk, finding exhibition venues, and sharing in the work and expense of exhibiting our art. Our role as a community arts organization involves, among other things, arts advocacy, initiating art projects, and encouraging community participation in arts events such as exhibits, classes and workshops. We are a non-profit organization.

Items for sale: original paintings, prints, art, soap, totes, t-shirts by local artists

Jonathan Treadway.jpg

Jonathan Treadway

The Church Of Paint is the studio of Jonathan Treadway. A poet and painter from Bowling Green, KY south central Ky. He was born a preachers kid and went on to fail at the family business but now preaches a new message in the Church Of Paint. He paints echos from the past that have a song. He has been painting since 2005. He has exhibited in KY and TN and has his paintings are collected from coast to coast and in Canada.

Items for sale: Original Folk pop art paintings and prints.

misty marie rae.JPG

Family Circle Arts

Family Circle Arts consists of Joyce Skaggs, Bonita Skaggs-Parsons and Misty Skaggs. We have been working and showing in the region and across the nation for more than twenty years and are pleased to offer a wide variety of folk and outsider art at Seedtime this year.

Items for sale: Artworks created by three generations of eastern Kentucky women including paintings, carvings and sculpture.


The Old Goat Beard Company

Quality Beard products made in Eastern Kentucky since 2017. Small batch, hand made products.

Luann Vermillion

Luann Vermillion

Luann Vermillion grew up and lives in Whitesburg, KY and has been interested in arts and crafts all her life. She has been a juried, exhibiting member of Kentucky Crafted and the Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen for 20 years. As an artist, Luann captures and preserves the natural beauty of Kentucky’s flowers so that they can be enjoyed for years. “I create my art using several techniques and mediums that combine paper, botanical images, and watercolor. Each piece is handmade by me, in the mountains of Kentucky.”


True Fables Pottery

True Fables Pottery is the work of Ryan Smith. Ryan is a potter and old time fiddler living in Bowling Green Kentucky by way of the Great Smoky Mountains. Ryan`s music brought him to the smokies where he honed his craft as a potter for thirteen years. Now he offers his work and classes in his studio in Bowling Green Kentucky.

all things all at once resized.jpg

Pam Oldfield Meade

Pam Oldfield Meade lives in White Oak, KY located in Morgan County. Her paintings show her love and respect of nature, people, stories, and life in eastern Kentucky. She uses colored pencil and watercolor sketches; found paper and food packaging; metal; text; and acrylic paint to create her paintings. Along with her original art, she will have magnets and signed reproductions printed on bamboo paper for sale at Seedtime this year.

Photo caption:

All Things All at Once

Mixed media: copper and acrylic paint on hardboard

19 7/8 x 26 1/8


Solar Holler

For generations, Appalachians have powered America. Solar Holler continues that legacy with clean energy that empowers our neighbors and renews our communities.


Isabella Linkous

Isabella is a student and artist from Southwest Virginia working in acrylics and oils as well as using mixed media. Her experience as an artist has made her very passionate about promoting the arts and she’s currently working with colleagues to develop arts programming at her school and around her community.

Items for sale: Embroidered and painted T-shirts, acrylic paintings and portraiture, mosaic work , and general artistic products to showcase and sell.


The Southern Communities Connected Project

The Southern Connected Communities Project (SCCP) is a collaboration between the Highlander Research and Education Center and the SEAD task-force of CEDnet. This project aims to bring equitable, reliable, affordable, community-owned and operated digital communications technology to rural East Tennessee. The project trains community members to build and maintain their own high-speed internet networks. Currently this project is focused on the Clear Fork Valley in North East Tennessee. After setting up a free-use cyber cafe at the Clear Fork Community Institute the project will organize and train community members to become Digital Stewards. These Digital Stewards will learn how to design, build, and maintain community-owned internet networks and implement these skills and experiences in their communities.

SCCP's long-term goal is to build an interconnected series of community controlled broadband infrastructures to deliver coverage initially to communities throughout East Tennessee and Central Appalachia with the ultimate aim of creating a replicable model for community-controlled broadband projects.

We aim to play a major role in helping communities we are in deep relationship with design, develop, establish, and maintain their projects and then link them into a cooperative and thriving network that delivers affordable, accessible, and principled broadband throughout Appalachia, the South, and beyond.


Jill Robertson Jewelry

The Gypsy Forge is, at its core, an Eastern Kentucky Artist gone rogue. Jill Robertson primarily creates artistic pieces inspired by meandering brambles, thoughtful and timeless mountain creggs, riverbanks that welcome the alien world of crayfish and adventurous roots. So much of our world now is designed to be disposable, supposed to be neglected, undesired, and cast aside. The Gypsy Forge wants to cater to those unique Individuals who value quality and cherish wearable art pieces that can continue on in the telling of their story.

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